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Author: max from Proactol XS forum

brooks, you will not gain your weight back unless you start eating fat burgers and drink cola :)

Author: brooks from arizona

i just bought proactol but i am worried if i will gain the weight back when i stop using it! has that happened to anyone?

Author: sabs* from uk

Hello again, i still have not noticed much difference therefore i have given up weighing myself!I have been taking proactol for 2 months now and as of 3 weeks ago i had not lost any weight or seen a difference in how my clothes fit.Now i am on a healthy eating plan and exercise an hour everyday and have started to see some toning of the body.Dont know if proactol is doing anything yet??

Author: Anonymous from Czech Republic

I lose 5kg in 2 months

Author: Sam from Proactol XS forum

See below, some peoples take longer to adjust to Proactol. Personally, I started to see difference after the second week but it was only eating habits. I started to eat less but I didn't lose any pound by that time! However, I continued the Proactol program and started loosing weight after the 5th week.

Author: sabs* from uk

I have spoken to the customer care team who have told me that everyones body is different and reacts in different ways.My eating habits and use of tablets was reviewed and i am doing everything correct.I was told that soem peoples bodies take longer to adjust to proactol and therefore i should give it another month and then see if i have any results.Has anybody else had similar issue with proactol

Author: man from Proactol XS forum

Proactol is AMAZING. I have lost 39 pounds in 3 months. I wish someone would have told me about this amazing product earlier.

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

not that good without exercises but it does work

Author: den from Proactol XS forum

Strange to hear that, proactol worked pretty well for me. I lost 6 lbs in first 4 weeks.

Author: sabs* from uk

Hi, yes im in the same boat as you because i have been taking it for 4 weeks now and no weight loss!!i have tried exercising, drinking more water but nothing seems to be making a difference.Im really disappointmed because everyone else is getting really good results.Im gons keep taking them for few months and see if they work over a longer period of time, will keep you posted!

Author: Anonymous from Chester

I have been taking procatol for 3-4 weeks now and have not noticed any results, i have to admit i have not been doing any excercise at all, plus although i am not eating too bad, i am not eating as good as i could be. I was wondering how much water you are surpose to take the tablets with?? is there any advice anyone can give me??? im going on holiday on the 22nd june,need to loose a couple of lbs

Author: Sandra 89 from San-Diego

I really love Proactol! I lost 23 Pounds thanks to Proactol, I usually buying it at the main store brand, to eliminate the chance of being scammed by other little stores... thats a good tip from me, just remember it! :) Love, and GOOD LUCK! Sandra.

Author: Anonymous from UK

Proactol is one of the best out there! :)

Author: Jessica from Spain

I agree with all positiv reviews, just great! Been using Proactol for 3 weeks and loving each day! A+++

Author: Anna from USA

Proactol is just great!

Author: reviewer from USA

Proactol works great. It's our top rated weight loss product!

Author: Weight Loss Guru from USA

Proactol is a groundbreaking development in weight loss treatment, and is exactly what over weight people have been waiting for.

Author: Yllianah from Washington D.C

no worries now to attend reunion party..proactol is there to help us.

Author: kitty from italy

Finally I found a weight loss product without those horrible side effects. Proactol is #1 in my list of weight loss products!

Author: Michael from Proactol XS forum

xenical does work but has horrible side effects. I would recommend Proactol.

Author: nas from london

i want to buy proactol,i will like to know if anyone can give me advice if this product is good or xenical bcos av use all sort of tablets and excercise still i didnt loss weight,i remain desame

Author: Top from neverland

Did anyone use it with UniqueHoodia? Proactol is a fat binder, Unique Hoodia kills an appetite. They must provide great results when taken together!

Author: Bree from Proactol XS forum

I will try Proactol, it looks like it's the best weight loss pill available.

Author: Helen from Arizona

As a woman, I was looking for an easy solution to losing the extra pounds I had gained with my 2 pregnancies. I'm a skeptic, but I figured Proactol is guarenteed for 100%. I will try it.

Author: El from Proactol XS forum

I wish I could post my photos here but I think this weight loss forun will not allow this. But you should see them - just to validate my results for you all! I have lost 55 lbs on Proactol. This is fantastic.

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

After 3 weeks using the proactol, I actually weighed only 2 pounds less than when I started.

Author: Lukioni from CA

Im considering Proactol, Does anyone know What are the ingredients are?? I have anxiety attacks occasionally. Is there side effects, like increased heart rate or sleeplessnes. I work graveyard so im not sure what time to take the pills. Does anyone know..

Author: xxx from ME

My mom did not want me to take weight loss pills but I bought proactol and it works I will say it to her!!!

Author: Rebeca from Proactol XS forum

Proactol is a certified medical device product for weight loss management. It's clinically proven to work. It's #1.

Author: Mary from Proactol XS forum

I managed to get rid of my belly after 2 months of proactol program. Thank you for recommending it!

Author: Proactol discount from promo codes

Are you having trouble affording the weight loss pills? Christmas gifts are coming! For a limited period, you can get a $25.00 discount for the Proactol. Just go to the Proactol official website and type this Proactol coupon code: PRXMAS when you order at least 4 month package. Start losing weight today and be slimmer by christmas!

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

i love it.. :) :)

Author: John from Uk

Only been using for a month, already seeing good results, and the motivation to go to the gym is much stronger. Need to take with plenty of liquids though, otherwise get a bloated feeling.

Author: Anonymous from Caribbean

I got my first bottle of proactol yesterday and so far i think it is working. I usually am constipated, but now i go atleast once a day. My only concern is that i wonder if the 120 tablets will last an entire month? I take like 8 tablets a day. Anyways i will let you all know how it goes after this week. I am still considering if i should buy more.

Author: Discount from Proactol XS forum

Special Offer: For a limited time only you can get a $15.00 discount when you buy packages 4 months or above. Simply enter CREDPR, and become one step closer to a healthier happier you!!!

Author: Mary from Ontario

As I promised, I continue the Proactol program. I lost 18 lbs after 2 months of taking proactol. 2Robert: you should take Proactol within 30 minutes after your meal.

Author: Robert from Proactol XS forum

Thank you for quick response. How soon after eating do I need to take it?

Author: Joahn from Ohio, USA

Reply to Robert: yes, most of people here have used the Proactol or consider using it. You can read success stories. Here is my story: I took Proactol for only 4 months and I lost almost 25 lbs. My program will continue for 2 months and my goal is to lose another 10 lbs.

Author: Robert from Proactol XS forum

I have actually considered Proactol recently has anyone on this board used it and seen success?

Author: jt from az

A combination of hard exercises and proactol gave amazing results! I lost almost 15 lbs and built excellent muscles!!!

Author: expert from Proactol XS forum

Proactol is one of the most unique weight loss products! It decreases food cravings, suppresses your appetite and lowers your blood cholesterol levels. But the most important feature is that it has NO SIDE EFFECT!

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

Yes it's actually the best weight loss product so far. It's natural (no side effects), it's clinically proven (certified medical device product) and guaranteed to work. I purchased 4 months package and now I'm on my second month. I lost 12lbs.

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

Why do all people discuss only Proactol? Is it so much better than other weight loss pills?

Author: User from Usa

It seem to have worked for me. 2 months in and i have lost quite a bit. Dont want to get into numbers but im very happy

Author: drwghtloss from USA

It is every human beings basic right to enjoy a healthy and fit life. It is a proven fact that a fat person both men and women are at high risk of having fatal diseases. No matter how hopeless you feel right now, you can lose the unwanted weight that's been keeping you down, and start living up to your true potential.

Author: Mary from Ontario

It's my third week. I managed to lose 5 lbs! I will continue the Proactol program.

Author: Jenny762 from Proactol XS forum

I managed to lose almost 30 kg, I think you can easily lose 3 kg!

Author: Anonymous from USA

results are permanent, very good!!!

Author: Anonymous from UK

I only need to lose 3 kgs, would Proactol be a good choice for me?

Author: Mary from Ontario

Everyone says proactol is a good weight loss product. I have just purchased these pills. Delivery is OK. Hope it works. If it doesn't I'll let you all know!

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

what a nice proactol forum

Author: Ann from Minnesota

Proactol is wonderful weight loss product, I tried 2 other pills and they didn't help and even caused headaches. I lost 19 lbs with Hoodia Gordonii but then gained 18 lbs back. I managed to lose 25 lbs with Proactol in 4 months and results are permanent, I gained only 2 lbs in last 3 months after I stopped Proactol program.

Author: Ann from Proactol XS forum

wrong, it helped me lose 18 lbs without any fitness program

Author: Missy from Proactol XS forum

Took it for 2 months with no result at all. Then started fitness program and lost almost 15lbs in next 2 months. Pretty good but I beleive proactol doesn't work without exercises. Only 3 stars.

Author: Jenny762 from Proactol XS forum

Proactol is not only diet pill Proactol is a weight loss system with Diet Pills, Low Fat Recipe Database, Fitness Plans, eBooks and so on.

Author: happy from slim

It's not a must but results are better if you exercise.

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

Do you need to go to gym when you take it?

Author: happy from slim

The best diet pill ever! I used this Proactol for only 6 months! I managed to lost over 35lbs!!!

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

been on proactol for 3 months, lost 14 lbs!

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

Proactol is one of the most successful products on the market.

Author: X from out there

Been on proactol for 4 months, lost only 2 kg. Waste of money.

Author: Jenny762 from Proactol XS forum

I lost 27kg. in 8 Months, it's time to stop now, I think I have reached my optimum weight.

Author: San from north US

I used Proactol for 6 months and lost over 32lbs with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Author: James from u

I started to lose weight at a rate of 4-5lb per week!

Author: Jenny762 from Proactol XS forum

it's now 7 Months and I lost 25kg - good product!

Author: Jenny762 from Proactol XS forum

Proactol worked very well for me. I lost 20kg. in 6 Monts!

Author: user from TN

OK it's 5 months after I started and I lost 40 lbs - this is great!!!

Author: Anne from phil.

Proactol is a good weight loss product that has helped me drop from 220 to 190 after 1 month. Some of it was water weight, but my relatives are starting comment how I'm starting to look skinnier. I can feel it too, as I have much more energy than when I started. Even if I don't lose anymore weight I feel my goal has been achieved, because I feel healthier and livelier!

Author: user from TN

continue my program, it's now 4 months and 31 pounds - perfect results!

Author: user from TN

looks good, I have lost 25 pounds in 3 months, will continue the proactol weight loss program

Author: ukhan from Proactol XS forum

hey this product works

Author: bibise from Proactol XS forum

Proactol pills realy god, I didnt believe while I didnt try to use it myself. Befori this I was realy sceptical about any pills,I thought That people need to Eat healthy and do sports and I did it myself and Of course do it now to, but these pills help me lose weight faster and it was a god stimul for me. You do not need to use them for a long time,just 3-6 mounth.

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

Just for the record it's six pounds in less then one month. Believe me I can feel every one. Actually compared to what I was doing before (about 1/2 pound per week if I was lucky) this is fast.

Author: Sarah from USA, TX

After taking this product for a few months my friends keep on complementing me how I look.

Author: PJ from Jersey

I am quite pleased with my results so far. I have lost 8 pounds and I am right on track with the program.

Author: Lorraine & Dave from Proactol XS forum

My husband and I have just begun our third week and we are doing well. I have dropped 5 pounds and he has dropped about 8. We hope to see continued success as the next few weeks progress.

Author: Pat from Dallas

I just want to tell you how excited I am. After 14 days diet I lost 8 lbs!! I am as enthusiatic today as I was the day I started and I am beginning week 3.

Author: U from Berlin, Germany

good produkt!

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

didn't work for me really as advertised

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

I am always working away and try to fit in exercise whenever I can. I have lost 2-3lbs per week over the last few months by taking Proactol and exercising when I have time.

Author: admin from

you should always keep your schedule

Author: A-X from UK

good product but I forgot taking pills from time to time

Author: Ian Forbes from Canada

In and out of meetings seems to sum up my lifestyle right now. Using Proactol and the bonus schemes are a great weightloss system. I’ve reached my target weight and feel far happier with my heathier lifestyle!

Author: Angela from Australia

Proactol worked for me gradually with 1-2lbs coming off slowly per week. However, after 3 months, the results spoke for themselves. I feel I have more energy now, as I don’t have as much weight to carry - it’s great spending more time with my grandchildren! I’ve even recommended this product to family and friends!

Author: John from Norway

I am actually quite happy because I finally found REAL natural weight loss product.

Author: Anonymous from Proactol XS forum

I'd recommend Proactol to anybody. It has worked wonders for me, it can do wonders for you too!

Author: Cynthia from USA

Wonderful weight loss solution!

Author: John from Norway

I decided to give Proactol a try as I didn't have success with other weight loss products. Right now, I am losing about 1 kg per week. Let's see how things will go on..

Author: Andrea from Canada

I have been taking Proactol for 4 months now. I managed to lose some weight, but I want to lose even more than just 2 lbs per week!

Author: DG from CA

was overweight since I was a little kid. I would always feel guilty when I ate food that I especially liked. That brought me into low self-confidence and anxiety. Recently I started using Proactol, and I'm already losing about 2 lbs per week! I never thought I could also go to gym, because I never had confidence to do something like that. Although I still have some weight to lose, I am happy!

Author: Sarah P. from Sarah P.

For the first month of using Proactol I managed to lose 3 lbs. Not bad I thought.. So I kept using Proactol for several months, and I reached losing 5 lbs in a month!

Author: Peter Z. from Europe

Proactol has just given me that added help and support to know that I can now lose and maintain my weight. Losing weight has made me feel so much more confident and I really go out of my way, to ensure I stay healthier, through my diet, healthy exercise and by taking Proactol. I cannot recommend this product enough to you all! I feel and look ten years younger.

Author: admin from

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