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Author: MAX from Zotrim forum

I recently started taking Zotrim weight loss pills and I can honestly say that they have helped me lose weight! I'm so happy with the results, as the product was safe and effective.

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Author: Bill from Ontario

Total scam. Money grab.

Author: J from Madrid

I lost only 5 kg with zotrim, now see better progress with phenq

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Author: Chloe Rodgers from Zotrim forum

Not as good as I had hoped. I lost some weight but not enough to keep me buying it. I think this was mainly down to my evening walks.

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Author: Darlene Louis from Detroit

Zotrim was great at first but then nothing happened after the first 6 weeks. I lost about 10 pounds and then it stopped working for me.

Author: Lynda from Zotrim forum

This was the case for me too and I don't understand why. I did everything right. I am just going to give the rest to my sister-in-law.

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Author: Mack D. from NA

It was not for me. I got horrible gas stomach aches and ended up spending most of my time int he bathroom the first week. I gave it a whole month and while the stomach issues stopped, no weight loss.

Author: Anonymous from Zotrim forum

Did you get bloated as well? I thought it was something I had ate. Maybe something in the ingredients isn't agreeing with either one of us.

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Author: Anonymous from Zotrim forum

There ok i have the same type of as most people on here it works for a bit of time then the effect just completely stops and the weight losing just stops completely.

Author: Kathy Anne from NY

Have you tried doing something different? A lot of times this happens because people's bodies get used to the program. I switched my diet up a bit and started a different exercise plan and the weight is coming off for me again just as fast as before when I started Zotrim.

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Author: chrissy from Zotrim forum

Hi guys i have been using zotrim for just short of a week. and altho in the first cpl of days i saw a loss of a cpl pounds it haas now stopped. i cant help but think its because these tablets seem to have made me constipated i sometimes have problems with this anyway and usually use dulcolax to releive the symptoms now n again. however i am wondering if this is going to be an ongoing thing?

Author: Nancy from US

I got backed up too. I thought it might have been this so I asked my doctor and he said to eat more fiber and sure enough, it helped and I also started losing weight. Give that a try!

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Author: Carol from Portsmouth

I have tried Zotrim and kept to the instructions precisely but it didn't work at all for me.

Author: Bob Lilla from Wolverhampton

You sure your doing exercise with it also or just expecting them to do miracles.

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Author: Suzy from Colorado

In general, not bad. I started losing weight

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Author: Kathleen from Utah

Zotrim helped me in losing excess weight without any discomforts. It's a natural product, absolutely safe, so you can try it too!

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Author: angelica from Zotrim forum

Zotrim was the most effective weight loss pills for me so far. I also want to try Proactol.

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Author: Emilyroggers from Zotrim forum

Zotrim is natural and homeopathic pills. Only few days of regular use can show its positive effects. I am taking it from one month and it is simply great.

Author: Anonymous from Zotrim forum


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Author: Anonymous from Weight loss

Its natural and herbal so no any side effect and we use tension free. Its perfect for weight loss.

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Author: Anonymous from Zotrim forum

I've been taking Zotrim weight loss pills for a month now. There were absolutely no changes in first 2 weeks but then I started loosing my weight and lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks so far. Looking forward for more slimming.

Author: Sam from Cincinnati

I feel like maybe Zotrim works better for women than men seeing as I know more women with success vs men. I tried it for 3 weeks and finally gave up.

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Author: John Smith from Colorado

Zotrim helped me feel "full" sooner during a meal so that I can consume less at a meal now and I do not want to have a snack between meals.

Author: Anonymous from Zotrim forum

This didn't happen for me :(

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Author: Anonymous from BC

I had never taken weight loss pills, but I had nothing to lose. Taking Zotrim 10 minutes before every meal I felt fuller much sooner, and also stopped craving sugary stuff and crisps.

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Author: happy husband from wyoming

wonderful! i purchased zotrim for my wife. after only 4 months she can fit into clothes she thought never possible, keep up with her children and has even given up a 40-a day smoking habit without putting on any weight!!!

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Author: Anonymous from Zotrim forum

Making no dietary changes to my lifestyle, I began taking Zotrim before every meal and instantly noticed a difference in my appetite.

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Author: Louise from US

Starting Weight: 14 stone; Current Weight: 11 stone. This is after 6 months.

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Author: HL from California

I have been able to pass on my good food habits to my whole family. My husband has also lost weight due to decreased portion sizes and my family is much healthier in general.

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Author: Heidi from Zotrim forum

Initially a size 24, within weeks of trying Zotrim I have dropped a dress size and felt so confident with these results!

Author: Ellen M. from Zotrim forum

How long did it take? I want to lose weight in time for my sister's wedding which is happening in May. I have 5 months to lose about 50 pounds so I have no time to waste!!

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Author: Anonymous from here

I am about to give up but I will try Zotrim - I hope these weight loss pills will finally help me!

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Author: Sharon Briers from London

Zotrim is simple to work into my busy life and highly effective at helping me eat less

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