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Saffron Extract scores 2.4 out of 5, based on 48 reviews in this Saffron Extract forum.

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Author: Kai from Hawaii

This product seems very good and I really want to use it. It is too bad that they don't supply it in Hawaii, and I would have to order online and pay an arm and a leg for shipping. Does anyone know where I can order this in bulk? Thanks!

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Author: Leo from Australia

I saw this product on Dr.Oz and he went over all of the benefits. Thinking it was too good to be true, I did some research online, and found that there are many side effects and health risks. I would recommend consulting your doctor before begging taking this.

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Author: Anonymous from Dubai

I am very surprised that over the past few years, items like this has become very popular. I know many people who have tried saffron extract, and have seen results. I am thinking about trying it but I am pregnant. Is there anything I should be weary of?

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Author: Anonymous from United Kingdom

I have used this exact product and it failed to show results. I have been using it for 3 weeks and was wondering how long it takes to work. Please reply as soon as possible!

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Author: Greg from Portugal

lost only 4 kg in a month

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Author: Brian from Saffron Extract Forum

I really frown upon using products like these. I think that you should lose weight the normal way. You should have a balanced diet, and exercise instead of abusing supplements and extracts. If you are thinking about using these, DONT.

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Author: Anonymous from Estonia

I am currently using saffron extract. I can really see results and I plan on continuing to use it for as long as I can. When I started out, I weighed 240 lbs. I am now happy to say I only weight 185! Anyone who wants to lose weight should use this product!

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Author: Rochelle from Saffron Extract Forum

I think I am considered obese and I really want to lose weight fast. I have been looking into different supplements and diets, but nothing seems to be exactly what I want. Do you think that this extract will really benefit me?

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Author: Anonymous from Saffron Extract Forum

I found this product very good. After only using it for 1 month, I started to see and feel results. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to lose weight. The only negative thing is that it doesn't taste the greatest!

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Author: Anonymous from Florida

I personally think, with most of these weight loss things, that the negatives, weigh out the positives and it is not worth spending your money. I have yet to learn about Saffron extract but would definitely like to. Hopefully this product is different from the rest.

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Author: Stepan from Berlin

I have never heard about saffron extract. What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? I would really love to hear more about this product, and just what it does. Thanks in advance!

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Author: Anonymous from Saffron Extract Forum

While watching Dr.Oz. I heard him highly recommend this product.unfortunately I was not able to catch the whole episode. Could anyone briefly explain to me what Saffron Extract does in your body? Thanks!

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Author: Eric from Saffron Extract Forum

I have always been a skeptic about these new pills/extracts for weight loss. I noticed I have packed on a few pounds and was wondering if this was a good product. Do you know long it takes to work?

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Author: Anonymous from US

After doing research on saffron extract for a long time, I found it was good for things other than weight loss such as asthma, baldness and many other things. I also found some cons. Some side-effects are numbness, dizziness, and bloody-diarrhea. Do you think saffron extract is ok to use?

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Author: Anonymous from Saffron Extract Forum

I have been taking Saffron Extract for the past few months. I started using it due to my asthma, which I heard it was good for. After checking the scale this morning, Im proud to say I lost 12 kg! Note that you still need to have a balanced diet, and exercise along with Saffron Extract to see results. Overall, great product!

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Author: Dave from Utah

My wife uses Saffron Extract and we can really see results. The only problem that I have with it is that it is a long-term thing, which some people have a problem with. I myself am a little bit over weight. Do you think I should give this a go?

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