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Author: Anonymous from Egypt

I'm 17 years old and i'm 75kg and my height 169cm and i need to loss like 10 kg fastly can raspberry ketone help me and tell me can i use it or not ?

Author: Dynamin from Vadodara

You have to change your lifestyle, diet, and start workout, make list of daily routine. What to eat and what not. Consult dietitian or nutritionist.

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Author: Anonymous from cornwall UK

Happy with progress. Started on x3 100mg 4 weeks ago. Last week up it to x1 500mg capsule. Lost 1 dress size in that time. Haven't been dieting (still having treats, hence my surprise!) bit i do walk frequently. I will continue to use them . I use them alongside green coffee bean.

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Author: Brian from Chicago

Why is this even popular? I expected to lose weight but that didn't happen. I'm now down money without any weight loss.

Author: Taylor from Florida

Did you work out? My friend and I both took it. I walked 30 minutes a day and cut out soda while she did nothing. She lost 2 pounds and I lost 12.

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Author: Green from USA

I seen results within a few days and it was going well until I noticed a change; I started to gain weight. I'm still down weight, but I didn't expect to start gaining. Not too bad.

Author: Jake from Raspberry Ketones Forum

Are you lifting weights at all? This happened to me as well but after a few weeks I began to lose again. I was just gaining muscle weight while losing fat.

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Author: Anonymous from chandigarh

this fruit have natural and very potent weight-loss chemical called Raspberry ketone.

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Author: Jeremy from Oregon

This stuff is amazing. Less than 2 months and I am down 20 pounds. That's like 10 pounds per month. thanks rasberry ketones!

Author: Anonymous from uk

Raspberry Ketones is very natural and healthier way to reduce weight.its ketones chemical also known as weight management helper.

Author: James from Raspberry Ketones Forum

I'm surprised to see you losing weight. I lost nothing and it has been months. Never again!

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Author: Janet from Raspberry Ketones Forum

If your goal is weight loss, then the Raspberry Ketone supplement you take should have 1000+ mg per serving, which is usually 2 capsules of 500 mg each.

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Author: Nick from Raspberry Ketones Forum

I work out 2 hours a day and haven't noticed a big change with taking 2 Raspberry Ketones pills. Is taking 3 or 4 safe?

Author: Jackson from Raspberry Ketones Forum

You are only suppose to take 2 per 24 hour period. I would not risk it.

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Author: Anonymous from United Kingdom

Does raspberry ketton cause constipation.if so what's the remedy?

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Author: Anonymous from Raspberry Ketones Forum

Does Raspberry ketone work?

Author: Anonymous from Rudy, CO

YES. It does. Just be willing to take it by the prescribed amount, exercise, eat healthy and stay consistent.

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Author: Anonymous from scotland

Been on R/K for 5 days along with neucleans. I have put on 2 lb eating very little due to stomach pain and constipation. I was up all last night in agony and my stomach is so swolen I have had to stop taking them. I will be returning them under money back guarantee

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Author: Anonymous from MI

Raspberry Ketones is worth trying but I don't it can really help.

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Author: Debra from Raspberry Ketones Forum

I tried acai and it did not help. Do you think raspberry ketone will? Please advise, I desperately need to lose at least 10 pounds!

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Author: Anonymous from Raspberry Ketones Forum

im 14 a girl and 5'3 i take raspberry ketone pills and keep gaining weight pls tell me what is wrong

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Author: Harold Ramos Jr. from Fort Wayne IN

Good weight loss product, thank you!

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Author: Paul from Canada

No changes in my weight yet. I have been taking Raspberry Ketone Max for almost 3 weeks.

Author: Kathy L. from Jersey

I didn't notice any change for my first 6 weeks but I didn't start exercising till about week 4. I continued to take it for the energy and ended up losing 8 pounds over night or something haha

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Author: Florence from France

These pills work.

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Author: Anonymous from Raspberry Ketones Forum

My parents told me they would never buy it for me.

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Author: Anonymous from Raspberry Ketones Forum

Will it work for 15 years old girl?

Author: Larry F. from PA

It is recommended for 18+ and this is because it can interfere with hormones. I would wait a few more years or try without it. You are young.

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Author: Anthony Clark from Little Rock, AR

Full of side effects :(

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Author: Joshua H. from Raspberry Ketones Forum

I lost 12 kg with raspberry diet!

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Author: Anonymous from Canada

Another "fruit" diet? I do not believe it.

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