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Author: Rich Pierce from Florida

It works for some people but not for everyone. My wife lost almost 40 pounds and I have not even lost 10. We have both been taking it for 5 months.

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Author: Nick P from Pure Acai Berry Forum

It seems to be for the most part. There are some items in here that aren't "natural" but they are naturally based.

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

I have spent a lot of time and money trying weight loss formulas. I have yet to try anything with acai in it. I would like to stick to a natural blend. Is this pill 100% natural?

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Author: Larry from NA

Not bad. I am down to a size 36 in pants from a 39 in only 2 short months. My goal is to be down to 32/33 by July.

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Author: Kingy from England

Slightly disappointed in this but I've lost a bit of weight so I guess I can't complain. Just not much as I expected.

Author: Heather N. from Pure Acai Berry Forum

This is what happened to me. I lost some but not what I had hoped. I ended up sticking with it another month and did continue to lose weight, just at a slower rate.

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

The energy I have now is incredible and I'm constantly now feeling better in myself. Can't ask for anything else! Amazing.

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Author: Katie P from Austin

Even though it was expensive, no doubt worth every penny. Me and my sister have been using it for a month and can both see results. Great!

Author: Greg M. from Colorado

What is the average cost per month? I don't want to spend a bunch of money on something that might not work for me. I am worried this will be out of my budget.

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Author: Paul from Florida

I wouldn't say it's as good as people say but it does work. I lost a bit of weight but not enough and have decided to change to Phen375

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

I personally feel this is much better than Phen375. This is instant results and you can see the difference in my body. Thanks Pure Acai!

Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

I experienced issues with Phen as well. Can you tell me did this give you any stomach issues like diarrhea?

Author: Casey Jones from Ohio

I experienced diarrhea myself. I had thought it was something I ate but I realized it was the pills by the third day when it would not let up :(

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Author: Rick from Los Angeles

Not the best I've used but definitely up there with the best. Pretty quick weight loss and works as it says. Good product.

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Author: Mary from New York

Absolutely amazing! Very fast, feel more energized and I feel comfortable. Thanks Pure Acai Berry!

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Author: John from Essex

I seen results but it took far too long and I haven't lost that much weight. Will carry on trying it though.

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

An increase in energy and a change in appearance. Didn't work as fast as I'd hoped but good nonetheless!

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Author: Alex from Texas

In my opinion, this is better than Phen375. Found this works far faster than it and has less side effects. Amazing!

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

I did not experience any significant weight changes, but I do feel more energized since I started using this product.

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Author: aisha from Pure Acai Berry Forum

Started using the product a few weeks ago and I'm already seeing improvement. I recommend Pure Acai Berry!

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Author: Anonymous from undisclosed location

I have a question: I don't really need to lose weight, but can I still use this product as a supplement? Thanks!

Author: Mica from South

It is recommended for weightloss. If you want to take Acai Berry just as a supplement, you can find plenty out there that are much more affordable. This is concentrated.

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Author: Berry from Pure Acai Berry Forum

Haven't tried the product yet, but after reading many positive reviews on it, I decided to give it a go. I only have one question: how long before I'll see results?

Author: Aaron Carter from USA

It only took me about 3 weeks to start seeing results. I was not weighing myself but I felt my pants actually falling off of me. It was a great feeling!

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Author: Michel from Austin

As someone that jumps on every 'super pill' bandwagon I must say I am impressed with this one. It gives me so much more energy and seems to be making me look and feel much healthier. I will stick to Acai Berries.

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Author: James from LA

There are so many Acai products to choose from it is hard to make a decision! These capsules are very dark purple as I believe they are meant to be, they are well packaged and easy to take. Most importantly they seem to be having an effect. I do feel like I have more energy since starting them. I would reccommend this product for anyone looking for an Acai Supplement

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Author: Brian from Canada

This is such an excellent product!!! I love how they are a quick and easy way to get your daily intake of antioxidants! I would recommend it to everyone :)

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Author: Josh from America

Was surprised about how well this worked. 10/10 with the results!

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Author: Barry from Chester

Had problems with how previous had effected my stomach but I was able to take this without the issues and lose what I wanted. Great, great, great!

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

Works like it should and I was quite pleased with the price of it. Recommend to anyone.

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Author: Gary Sounders from England

Wasn't happy at first but after waiting a few weeks, I was able to lose around 2 stone! AMAZING.

Author: Michelle from UK

I haven't seen much results but I noticed your comment and I am keeping my hope that it will work for me. I have quite a bit of weight to lose. I would like to enjoy the summer this year.

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Author: Phill from Philadelphia, America

Good work on this really did help me out on losing the excess weight i had lost around 1 stone in 3 weeks good :)

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Author: Candice from Usa

This product is great. It makes me look so much better. I totally recommend this to my friends, no side effects . love!!!

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Author: Jericho from Arkansas

I bought the pure acai berry max formula to start my road to weight loss. I have lost 15 pounds so far!

Author: Julia from London

Hey you lost good amount of weight but I would be happy if you share duration of time you take to reduce it. Also what's full cost?

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Author: Mark from America

I finally ordered pure acai and started yesterday. So far I have lots of energy and no "bad" side effects!

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Author: Cherry from MI

I am often constipated, and taking pure acai berry supplements really helps me control my weight and bowel every day.

Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

Its very good it worked also for me i had a lot of sickness with previous products and this one has hardly any symptoms.

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Author: Maria from Ukraine

Pure acai is great but I think Proactol can do even more. I personally purchased both and will take both. Hope they can help loose 20 kg by the end of 2012.

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Author: jhnjohn from India

I have used an Pure acai beery and it have an fantastic outcome. I used to loose my 5 -6 lbs in week. It have no any side effects an it is really amazing and there is no any side effects associated with it. You can make an use if an pure acai berry , without looking here and there.

Author: Jen from Florida

Hi, how much did you weight when you started? Losing 5+ pounds in one week is really impressive. I have to assume you started at a larger size. I want to lose about 40 pounds so I can't see myself being able to lose this much in one week.

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

Quick result and no side effects! Good product!

Author: Chalete from Pure Acai Berry Forum

Yess :)

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Author: Payten from Pure Acai Berry Forum

This is excellent Weight Loss product. I've got slimmer and stay in form after stoppage using it

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Author: Noriko from Kawasaki

I like these weight loss pills

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Author: Karen from Pure Acai Berry Forum

It's top-quality natural weight loss product. It helped me with getting slimmer in record time.

Author: Rebecca Johnson from Maine

Can I ask how much you lost and in how much time? I don't want to sit around waiting to see if a pill works or not. I need to lose weight for my wedding!

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

And it's good that the delivery is free! That means they won't earn just on delivery fees.

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Author: Julia from Pure Acai Berry Forum

They give a 180-day money back guarantee. This is good!

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Author: Reiko from Izu

Pure Acai Berry is very effective weight loss product. You can really lose excess weight

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Author: Rio Machivelli from London

About PURE ACAI BERRY MAX. The Acai Berry’s nutritional composition helps preserve a healthy balanced system in your body. It’s extraordinarily high levels of Fiber, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Fatty Acids and Carbohydrate assists the body’s system process what’s necessary and what’s not.

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Author: tv from Pure Acai Berry Forum

I tried different variations of acai berry and only Pure Acai Berry seems to work good.

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Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

The Acai Berry comes from Brazil and it combats free radicals. Acai Berry

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Author: Tom from Pure Acai Berry Forum

I did lots of research on acai berries and I don't think this so called Pure acai berry can help me. Is it really better than other acai weight loss products?

Author: Mantis Hugo from UK

Acai Berry is an excellent source of antioxidant. There are many people who are benefited from its consumption!

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Author: Anonymous from Europe

The thing I've noticed about Pure Acai Berry is that I actually feel healthier. I can’t put my finger on it really. But I have more energy

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Author: J from Pure Acai Berry Forum

I have lost weight at the rate of about 2 – 3 lbs every week

Author: Anny from nowhere

Thanks so much for sharing that information! Can I ask, do you also exercise and diet a little as well? Or do you lose this weight just by taking the Pure Acai Berry as a supplement?

Author: Patty from Pure Acai Berry Forum

I had to exercise when taking Pure Acai. At first, I lost about 12 pounds just in a month but then it stopped. After I started walking daily, I averaged 2 pounds of weight loss a week.

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Author: Liz from TX

My waist is not getting smaller!

Author: Rebecca Adams from Manchester

Have you noticed weight loss anywhere else? When I started taking the supplement I lost weight in my bum and legs first.

Author: Anonymous from Pure Acai Berry Forum

Same for me! I lost it mostly in my legs and butt and it took me some time before I noticed any weightloss in my stomach, chest, or arms.

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Author: user from online

3 weeks, 6 pounds lighter

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