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Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

I've been using this for a month now. I have 2 tablets as recommended and have no side effects. I haven't had any weight loss at all though and I have a minimal diet with no 'treat foods'. Any advice or help/suggestions on how I could see a weight loss would be great. Thank you

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Author: Ken from Cali

I have not been on PhenQ very long but this far I have managed to lose almost 2 full pant sizes. I don't know what my weight was or is, I am a fairly large man. Last time I weighed myself was last year and I was over 300 pounds. I am happy with the results I have had thus far.

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Author: Olivia R. from UK

PhenQ is brilliant! I was able to lose 3.5 stone just in time for my wedding. I had to pick out another dress but it was the dress I originally wanted. I felt beautiful!

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Author: Mel from UK

This is my first day using it so I will keep others posted. I have felt nauseous but my appetite has been reduced, hopefully the symptoms go within a few days! I won't give this a solid rating until my month is over. Everyone should remember their bodies are different, just because someone loses weight in a week doesn't mean that you will straight away!

Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

Any update on your progress? I would love to know how things went for you. I have been having issues with feeling sick to my stomach and I am not sure if I should keep taking it.

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Author: Anonymous from Usa

Hey guys, so my story isn't any different from yours. I'd been battling with my weight for years. I was frustrated as my weight just wouldn't budge, and my cravings weren't helping, either. Guys, I finally got something that worked. I'm down 10 kg in 5 weeks and feel healthier and more alive with phenq pills!!!

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Author: news from usa

PhenQ is a very popular dietary supplement for weight loss , but is it really effective?

Author: Dave from PA

YUP! My wife actually lost 50 pounds using PhenQ. She walked our dog with me for 30 minutes a day after dinner and just cut out the soda. That is all it took.

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Author: shop from usa

After having tested it for 6 months, my opinion on PhenQ is rather positive. Here is my testimony and my opinion on this fat burner.

Author: Heather Stone from Carolina US

What was your exact weight loss numbers and how long did it take? You really didn't go into much detail!

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Author: Anonymous from Ireland

I have been taking PhenQ for a week,I weighed myself before I started and not since. My clothes feel looser. No side effects other than bloating, really bad sometimes. I'm eating healthy and not restricting myself of any food groups but I don't feel hungry like I used to. Also lifting weights at home 4-5 days a week.

Author: Greg from Washington

Does the bloating go away eventually? I have been having this issue myself and I am not sure I should keep taking it.

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Author: Anonymous from Athens

I am taking Phenq now for one week and I am feeling very dizzy and tired. But I think, it works. I lost some body fat, even I was eating a lot...

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Author: Anonymous from Miami

I would very much like to try this product.

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Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

This stuff works, but beware when they say you'll have no side-effects. In the first week I had some pretty rough headaches, definitely felt nauseous for a while and had some digestive issues. Having said that, I lost 4lbs after months of the scale not moving so it is effective if you can/want to ride out the side-effects.

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Author: Anonymous from Queensland Australia

Have received the Tablets and was very happy with quick arrival as didn't want to spend the money and not receive them. Have started today and see it all goes.

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Author: Ntkzee from south africa

Do the pills actually get delivered? I'm in south Africa, do they get this this far?

Author: Ellen from US

You will have to check with the seller. It depends on their shipping practices. Some do worldwide shipping, others don't because of laws.

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Author: Natasha from Australia

Hi all, I've been using this product for the past week now and I've already lost 2kg, my appetite has gone from day 1 and now I'm not snacking at all only sometimes on an apple, this stuff is best best, going to order another 2 bottles tomorrow

Author: Anonymous from Usa

Does it really work? I need a real answer please, not people advertising it

Author: Kenny from Michigan

PhenQ works if you also put the work in. I have tried many supplements over the years and the only time they have worked for me is if I watch what I ate and exercised. So yes, it does work. I lost about 15 pounds in a little over a month but I am exercising 5 days a week.

Author: Anonymous from Scranton pa

Do you eat what they want you too or eat what you want? How long before you seen results? Been taking for 2 weeks and walking and only lost 2 lbs

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Author: Michelle from SA

I have only just started taking phenQ, have taken it for just under two weeks now. I have had a restless sleep every single night since the first day and struggle to get to sleep. I haven't had any weightloss or boosted mood or that I've got less of an appetite. I'm hoping it will starting helping/working soon...

Author: Lauren from PhenQ Forum

Have you considered your diet? I noticed when I started taking PhenQ I was still drinking coffee daily and I could not sleep. When I stopped I was able to balance it out and I felt well rested. I switched to decaf.

Author: Ntkzee from south africa

Are you from South Africa or a different SA like South Austrailia or something? I want to know if the pills really get delivered. I want to order them but I'm not too sure

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Author: masud rana from PhenQ Forum

Take regular some exercise. Regular exercise is most important for every men life. Every body should take some exercise daily in addition to phenq weight loss pills!

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Author: Anonymous from North Carolina

Why isn't phenQ working for me ? I have been taking one pill with breakfast and another one with lunch but I don't noticed any weight loss. It's been 2 weeks already. When should I expect see any results. I still feel pretty hungry too.

Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

don't expect quick results, 2 weeks is not enough to lose weight

Author: Jimmy Delwik from Florida

I agree. You can't expect to lose more than 5 pounds in two weeks and that is pushing it. If you don't have a lot of weight to lose, 1 to 1.5 pounds is a solid amount to be losing per week.

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Author: Anonymous from Ohio

Well I have taken my first supplement today (with breakfast now lunch). I will keep you posted on my progress. Starting weight 187.4. Really hoping for great results.

Author: Bobbie from Alabama

Have you lost any weight? How much and how long did it take? Did you change any habits?

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Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

It's a good product and worth it for what it does but it does have some bad side effects. I felt sick, tired and was slightly dizzy. I plan to stop using this even though it helped me lose weight.

Author: Anonymous from UK

I'm glad someone else is struggling with it too. I've had all the symptoms you described, but for me the headaches are the worst. I'm curious to know if you stopped taking or if the symptoms settled down, cos I hate this perma-headache but on the other hand it's definitely working when I struggled to lose more than 1-2lbs by myself...

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Author: Kieran from Scotland

Truly excellent so far. Used it for a month and already feeling better. I've managed to lose 1 stone and I continue to lose more!

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Author: Patsy J from Liverpool

My body is looking better than ever after using this product. PhenQ is just too good.

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Author: Faye Y from Greece

Read so many positive reviews about this but got it and felt let down. It has no side effects but I lost hardly any weight. Not too good.

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Author: Tom from England

Lost over 1 stone since I started using PhenQ about 2 months ago and I hope to continue to use it to lose more weight. PhenQ is the best!

Author: Tim K from America

Hi Tom, have you had any side effects since using the product? If so, what side effects?

Author: Anonymous from England

I did not! I was suprised too as I have taken other supplements that have given me horrible cramps and gas trouble. No issues here, not even bloating.

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Author: Ange from PhenQ Forum

The best I've used so far by a mile! I now feel confident with my weight and how I look because of this.

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Author: Beth from Birmingham

Would give this a 5-star rating but I haven't used it long enough yet. I've only been taking it for about 2 weeks and it's working well but I'm going to give it more time until I decide whether it's the best one.

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Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

I tried most of the other products on the market but this one is definitely the best. I lost far more weight with this one and I was prepared for my wedding! Thanks PhenQ!

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Author: Arthur from Manchester

Amazing! I have been using this for just a month and already you can see the results. I'm more than happy with this. Best weight loss product out there.

Author: Debbie from PhenQ Forum

How much weight have you lost? I want to find a supplement that will help me reach my 10 pounds weight loss goal each month for the next 5 months. I have 50 pounds to lose and I want to be at my goal by the new year.

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Author: Jerry from England

Just perfect for what I want. It's coming up to my holiday and wanting to lose some weight. In just 3 weeks, I've been able to get to my perfect size. Couldn't ask for more.

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Author: Paul from PhenQ Forum

Couldn't be much happier. Bought this a long time ago and still using them as it's just brilliant to get rid of any fat you may have. Lost a lot of weight and continue to do so.

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Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

Been using this for just over a week and already seeing results. Nothing major yet but it seems to be improving. Great so far.

Author: Anna from PhenQ Forum

Is it helping with your cellulite at all? I am assuming you have some since most women do. I am trying to lose mine. I lost weight but it still looks so bad!

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Author: Mary Ann from Berlin

I purchased phen-q weight loss pills 2 weeks ago and I already see weight loss!

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Author: Eden from Brighton

Bought this to help me gain more energy and lose the bit of excess fat I have and it's done exactly that! Very happy so far.

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Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

For how much I paid, this isn't the best I've used. Took a while to see results and I actually didn't lose much weight. Not very happy with it.

Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

What was the best?

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Author: Eleanor from London

Best product I've ever used to lose weight. I'm now more than happy about the way I look and I can confidently wear whatever I want without feeling insecure. This is one amazing weight loss pill.

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Author: Ben from Colchester

What are the side effects like when it comes to PhenQ?

Author: Sabrina from Nebraska

I experienced mild nausea for 2 days as well as an acne breakout for the first 3 weeks. Both have cleared up and no issues since.

Author: Barry from PhenQ Forum

I had some issues with heartburn. I am not sure if this was because of PhenQ or the change in my diet but it only lasted about a week or so.

Author: Anonymous from California

Iíve been taking it for a few days and have had MAJOR gas issues. So bad that I canít sleep at night. I bought 3 bottles so Iím hoping it doesnít last for the entire 3 months

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Author: Ellie from America

This is the best I've used out of about 10 other pills. This definitely works faster and better than any other. Get it now!

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Author: Amy from PhenQ Forum

Good so far. Only seen very little changes in terms of weight but haven't been using them too long so I'm just going to be patient. Quite happy though.

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Author: Samuel from PhenQ Forum

Worked quicker than I expected and was actually reasonably cheap from where I bought it. Very, very happy so far. A lot of weight lost.

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Author: Adam W from Dallas

It began working very quickly but after a few weeks, it just stopped and I'm now not seeing any difference. May keep on trying to get them to work, however.

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Author: Edward from Essex

What can I say? Just truly amazing. Paid a hefty price for PhenQ and it was definitely worth it. Very, very good product.

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Author: Anonymous from PhenQ Forum

Best on the market, couldn't ask for much more. Quick weight loss and I'm full of energy!

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Author: Johnny from LA

So far, I'm very happy with it. Lost quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time. Let's see how it carries on.

Author: Anonymous from Texas

After using did was it hard to maintain your new weight?

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Author: Brad from London

Only been using these tablets for over a month and found that they've worked well. Lost so much weight during this time!

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