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Author: Fiona from Fiona

Wonderful work! That is the kind of information about phentermine that should be shared across the net.

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Author: Shonda from Shonda

Excellent way of losing weight without extreme diets.

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Author: Debbie from Florida, US

I have lost almost 30 pounds since taking this and I am so thankful and happy about it. I just wish I could buy this in store! I have to buy it online every time and wait for it to be shipped.

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Author: M Reece from n/a

Can this be taken with vitamins as well? I am on some multi-vitamins and other things daily and I don't want to get sick from adding too much.

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Author: Andre112 from Phen375 forum

Phen375 rocks! I've been taking it for little while now and I'm happy with the results. My energy is through the roof and I am losing weight at a good pace. A++ from me!

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Author: Mickey from Kentucky

I hate giving bad reviews, but I have not had any noticeable results from taking Phen375, and I've taken it for weeks now. I have been doing my usual fitness, eating healthy and so much more, but nothing works. You may have different results.

Author: Carol from Phen375 forum

Even without the supplement, if you are eating right and exercising you should be losing weight. Maybe try counting calories?

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Author: GrantLL221 from Texas

The results do not lie. I've lost more weight on Phen375 than I have any other weight loss supplements. I can't complain one bit. Thank you so much!

Author: June from Melbourne

Were you doing anything else while taking it? Eating a certain diet or anything? I want to lose weight too!!

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Author: Beth from Michigan

The effects of decreasing hunger did wear off after 2 months

Author: Bobbie from Alabama

How long did you end up taking this? How much did you loose?

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Author: Brenda Peterson from VA

I am BLOWN AWAY! I was dieting and exercising before taking Phen375. I lost about 15 pounds and then nothing was happening. I still had another 30 pounds to go to reach my goal. I started taking this supplement and within the first week, I dropped 4 pounds! By the end of my second bottle, I reached my goal! I am finally under 130 pounds!!

Author: Mary from New Mexico

Awesome, I'm glad to hear it. I'm in the same boat. I had lost around 30 pounds and then it just stopped coming off. I wasn't doing anything different either. Maybe it's time I try this Phen375 and see if it can help me continue my weight loss.

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Author: Chad from Colorado Springs

Currently I am on a Doctor prescribed dose of Phentramine. It is a controlled substance so she will only prescribe it for 3 months. I am looking for something to replace it with and it sounds like this might fit the bill. So far I am down 50 pounds with another 150 to go. Yea, do the math... I have stopped soda, candy, deserts and some days never eat. I will give this a try.

Author: David from Phen375 forum

Congrats on that! I am another person who has a good 200 pounds to lose. It has not been easy or fun but finding anything that can help speed things up and keep things steady is great!

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Author: Mike from Australia

I bought this supplement after reading a review. 3 weeks so far of using and results are good. You have to follow a diet plan and do some exercises along with taking the diet pill for best results.

Author: Melissa M. from Nevada

I think that is the thing people overlook often with these supplements. You have to actually put the effort in for them to work. You can't just eat fast food and sit on your buns all day and expect a pill to fix your problems.

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Author: B. Smith from Phen375 forum

I am overall impressed. I got a 3 month supply and dropped 17 pounds. I did not exercise much at all but I cut out soda and only allowed myself to eat a sweet treat once a day. I feel great! I have another 23 pounds to reach my goal weight.

Author: Sherry Rose from United States

Did you reach your goal? Congrats on that weight loss! I have lost about the same in just under 3 months. I have a lot more to go though!!

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Author: JJ from Denmark

I personally lost 18 kg in 3 months with phen, it's great weight reduction product!

Author: Mikey Cole from Phen375 forum

What is that in pounds? I have about 25 pounds to lose before my wedding. Looking to be in good shape by July.

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Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

Every men try to reduce their weight. But sometimes they are goes to wrong way. Our duties is to inform them a right choice and right product: Phen375

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Author: Carl Foster from Phen375 forum

Nice product

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Author: Faye Trujillo from Phen375 forum


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Author: Anonymous from PA

I'm very hesitant about ordering this product. I feel like its too good to be true. I've tried other supplements that claimed to help with weight loss in the past and they never worked. Does this product really work well? Or is it a bunch of fake reviews?

Author: Kyle from TX

I took Phen375 for 3 months. The first month I did not see any results but I also did not change my diet. The second month I did and lost about 7 pounds. The third month I started walking every day and I am down 20 pounds total now. It works but you have to put in the effort.

Author: Natalie from Louisiana

Yup, exactly, it's all about the effort you put in as well. I didn't have luck with it right away either, but gradually I started to notice a difference once I put more effort into eating healthier and weight loss. This pill is an aid in helping with the process. It's not a miracle drug, but it helps.

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Author: Olivia from Phen375 forum

It's a bit expensive but trust me, it's worth it. For the money, you'd expect results and that's exactly what you get.

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Author: Kevin from England

AMAZING! I can feel the difference in my weight already and I've only used it 2 weeks. Can't wish for more. Worth every penny.

Author: Sandy W. from New Jersey

How much weight did you lose int hose 2 weeks? I am asking because I want to lose weight for my graduation which is next month!! I only have a few weeks!

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Author: Jay from USA

Even though I've had a few side effects from it, it's worth taking as it works exceptionally! Weight loss is instant and you can see the difference.

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Author: Greg from NYC

Couldn't ask for anything else! Lost a ton of weight in just over a month and I'm looking like a different person. Thanks Phen375!

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Author: Anonymous from Ks

Where can I buy the legit Phen375?

Author: jj from Phen375 forum

you can find phen 375 on official site:

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Author: Anonymous from Victoria, Australia

I just got my order of Phen375 and is wondering whether anyone knows if taking just one pill (instead of two) works? As it's expensive and having 2 a day only lasts 15 days, instead of 30. Thanks!

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Author: Kev S from Phen375 forum

Phen375 is definitely worth the money. Bought it for me and a friend of mine as I'm so happy with it. Lost so much weight using it. Very, very good!

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Author: Anna J from Florida

I didn't know what to expect from Phen375 but I'm so glad I decided to buy it. Didn't cost too much and it works a lot better than I expected.

Author: Anonymous from Florida

Hi! When did you purchase it? Did it really work for you? Nothing works for me since they got rid of ephedra.:(

Author: Anna J from Florida

I purchased it a while ago and it's still working for me. Would definitely recommend you getting it!

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Author: Callum from California

It has a few minor side effects but definitely nothing to worry about. This is well worth the effort and money because you're guaranteed to lose weight.

Author: Anonymous from PA

What sort of side effects?

Author: Kathy Anne from Virginia

I experienced some sour stomach issues and well as mild headaches the first week. My bowel movements also smelled a lot more than normal. Someone I spoke with said it is a detoxing effect and nothing to worry about.

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Author: Kyle from New York

I haven't used anything apart from this but this is all I need. In just a few months, I'm now able to feel confident walking around and not having people look at me.

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Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

I had tried PhenQ before and that was amazing but this is even better. Lost far more using this than I did with PhenQ. Very happy.

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Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

I've used literally every other pill and had good and bad experiences. With this one, it's a completely amazing experience and in just 1 month, I feel confident in my body. No side effects for me so I'm extremely happy!

Author: Peter from Phen375 forum

What did you have to do? Like in terms of exercise and diet? I want to give these a try but I want to make sure I can actually make use of them and not throw out money.

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Author: Barry I from Charlton

Can say that this is one of the best I've used. As said by a few others, has a few side effects but nothing major. Worth buying!

Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

What kind of side effects are there?

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Author: Jess from Dallas

In the past, I've used many other pills and none have worked but this one is different. Works almost instantly and you lose a lot of weight with it. Has a few slight side effects but good overall.

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Author: Ken from USA

Honestly, I can't say I've used a better weight loss pill. In just 2 weeks, I've lost so weight. I'm very happy!

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Author: Anonymous from Dallas, TX

I'm on the fence about buying the product. I dont know if all these 5 stars are fake reviews like other sites

Author: Phillip from England

Trust me, these reviews aren't fake. The product itself is worth every penny and it's guaranteed to help you lose weight.

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Author: Losa Headen from U.S.A

After going through the mixed reviews I became really confused but now I am glad because of my taken decision of using Phen375. It is a very effective weight loss supplement which besides reducing the body's weight also increases the body's metabolism.

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Author: Elaina Decruz from U.K

I have been suffering from obesity since long time and because of this I have gone through numerous weight loss products but the results that I have get by using Phen375 is inexpressible. It is a pure and potent weight loss supplements. This diet pill is well-known in the market for it's fat burning capacity.

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Author: DinoMyte from Phen375 forum

I've read many positive reviews about Phen, but are there any side effects that can occur while using it? Thanks!

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Author: TinyTim from Phen375 forum

Can someone please tell me what this product contains? Is it made out of natural ingredients or how does it work?

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Author: Andy22 from Phen375 forum

I've been looking for a good weight loss product fro ages. After many fails, I decided to try out Phen375 and I'm glad I did! Significant weight changes are showing!

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Author: Anonymous from Texas

I do not believe in weight loss pills, but Phen was recommended to me by someone I know. I decided to try it out, although I'm still skeptic! Fingers crossed!

Author: Frank M. from Chicago

Any updates? I am in the same boat. I want to give it a try but I feel like most of these pills are scams. I don't like wasting my money either.

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Author: Dan from UK

I wasn't sure if I should buy this product, but after reading so many reviews about it I decided to try. Apart from its price, I can say I'm pleased with Phen375!

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Author: Mohmmand from Malaysia

After reading mixed reviews I was a little skeptical about buying it but I'm really glad I did as this really has helped me to lose weight. I stopped getting hunger cravings within a few days and started losing fat in the first week i used it.

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Author: Allan from Durban

I used many pills but I have to say that Phen375 is most effective and most healthy pill I ever took. Although results were slow but once you getting results you will get best from it. Worth of buying

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Author: Phill from France

Phen375 is good, but it took a bit longer than expected to start seeing results. Worth getting if you have the money though.

Author: Alex from Auckland

I would like to know how long it will give better results as I am already in 2nd week and I am just waiting for some good positive results.

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Author: Alex from Portugal

I've tried so many products promising to help me lose weight and this is only one which actually worked. Very, very happy with the results!

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Author: Paulie from Phen375 forum

It's good and I did lose a lot with it, but it's quite costly in my opinion. It's worth purchasing though as you'll end up losing however much you need with it.

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Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

Phen375 is the best weight loss product I've used. It's actually pretty cheap and you'll lose a ton with it.

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Author: Kurt from Liverpool

It took a while, but then the results started to show and now I'm very happy with the product.

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Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

Wow, just wow! You can see a difference in me since using this. I now feel comfortable about going outside and hanging around with friends! Thanks a lot.

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Author: Mika from Finland

Great product, I lost 24 kg in 3 months, my BMI is 25.1 now!

Author: Sean from Atlanta, Georgia

Kudos for the weight loss success. I was so pleased when I read that according to a study at Columbia University, a person would have to walk 40 hours per week to lose the same amount of weight as taking 7 doses of Phen375. Cray, but awesome.

Author: Cheryl from Rhode Island

Wow Mika....congratulations on your great success with Phen375. That is a wonderful start. I just hope I can do as well. You have inspired me.

Author: Justin from USA

omg! This is incredible and I must go for this pill as it looks perfect for me as I am overweighted and I need to reduce the weight.

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Author: Ryan K from Seattle, Washington

I got married 2 years ago and my wife is a great cook. Yep, can see the fat rolls on my waist. I love the before/after photos. Very nice. Thanks for a great option. It works really well for me. Goodbye fat rools. :-)

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Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

How long has this product been available? I just saw that it has been on the major TV channels. I am very excited to have found this.

Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

I'm not completely, but my advice is to get it. Totally worth the money.

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Author: Jeff from Mississippi

Just placed by third order. Doesn't upset my stomach. That is a problem I have with some of the pills I took in the past. Thank you.....

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Author: Oscar from Switzerland

I'm have been taking the product with a low carb diet. I'm wondering if there are better food plans to speed up weight loss?

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Author: Mary from Maryville, Missouri

What I like best about the product is that is makes me feel full longer. I also feel less sluggish. I find that I tend to binge eat when I'm overly tired. No side effects at all.

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Author: Laura from Arlington, Texas

I loved to drive yogurt and blueberry smoothies for breakfast. Combining my smoothie with Phen375 make me lose even more weight than I could believe. Great product. Does what it says it does.

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Author: Don't Want To Leave Name from Houston, Texas

The ads say that Phen375 is so powerful that after taking only 2 pills you can literally see the pounds disappearing. I didn't believe it. Mainly because I had been so disappointed in the past. Well guess what? It's true. I am a huge skeptic and it's true. Unbelievable.

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Author: Georgia from San Franciso, CA

I will confess that I really researched this product because I had read so much about the medical drug Phentermine. So many doctors prescribe a prescription version BUT I read Phen375 gives you a way to kick-start your weight loss w/out the possible side effects you will see with the prescription form. I love it. It really works well.

Author: Anonymous from PA

How soon after you started taking it did you notice weigh loss?

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Author: Jennifer from Dayton, Ohio

Even though my "baby" is all grown up, I still carried about 20 extra pounds from having her. My best friend lost a lot of weight with this product, recommended it to me and I started taking it. So far I've lost 5 pounds and am very excited.

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Author: Dennis from Kentucky

I originally bought the product because it promised a weight loss of 3-5 lbs. per week (on average) without exercising! I couldn't really believe that would work. I always have had to exercise in the past. It works! I am seeing great results. Certainly worth a trial.

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Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

I am not telling my family I am taking this product because I have failed at so many diets in the past, but this seems to really be working so I am keeping it under wraps. I am very hopeful.

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Author: Michael T from Boston, Mass

I have a question about the LongJack Tongkate ALI muscle building hormone. I know that it helps build muscle and provide energy. Does it help with the aftermath of loose skin? That is one of my primary concerns when I lose weight. Will working out help or not really? Thanks in advance.

Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

Can you take this wonderful product when you are pregnant? I am assuming if my doctor says its OK all is good.

Author: Dave D from Tampa, Florida

It's important to always ask your doctor if you are pregnant before taking any type of product. This is a great product, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Good luck to you.

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Author: Edan from San Antonio, Texas

I am always very nervous about weight loss products because I never know where they are made. I love the fact Phen375 is manufactured in an FDA registered facility. I also love the fact that Phen375 diet pills have proven successful for thousands of individuals. I also love that Phen375 has a proven track record. If it works for others, at least I know it will work for me.

Author: Anonymous from Alice, tx

I haven't bought this product yet because I am worried about it making me feel jittery or dizzy. Has anyone felt this way while being on it?

Author: Anonymous from Europe

that's a perfect product; no bad effects; only positive changes!!!!!

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Author: CarrieCake from St. Louis, MIssouri

My nickname is CarrieCake because I love cake. It loves me. But cake also is the cause of why I found Phen375 and it has helped me so much. I've been on every imaginable diet and Phen375 helped me stay true to a solid weight loss plan.

Author: Anonymous from Phen375 forum

I hear you about Cake. I can do great all day with food, but I can't really pass up desserts. Especially chocolate cake. I love how this product helps control my appetite. If I follow the plan and stay out of the kitchen at helps so much.

Author: Gary Don from Portland, Oregon

Love the nickname Carrie Cake. My biggest weakness is candy. I do find that the Phen375 really helps me control my urge for it and because I feel so full all the time, it's easy to stay on my food plan. Also, I am inspired because I'm losing weight.

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