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Author: Kathy from New Jersey

Is Meratol available on Amazon by chance? If not, will it ever be on there? I ask because I have Prime and would love to receive the bottle sooner.

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Author: Austin from Richmond

It's early days yet but I'm happy with results so far. I've given up drinking, eat better and work out more often. Meratol is just the icing on the (healthy) cake!

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Author: Sophia from Louisiana

It may cost a little more than others and I have had some minor side effects, but Meratol has really been worth it for me. I'm losing good amounts of weight and I'm still going!

Author: Anonymous from Missouri

How long did it take you to start losing the weight and how much have you lost? I want to get a better idea of if this is something worth trying.

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Author: aka from azerbaijan

hi i want to ask if in the morning i have taken meratol and in night i want to drink some wine in restaurants can i?plz answer cuz tomorrow i want to start to take meratol i want to lose just 5 kg how long i have to take meratol?and if i stop meratol will i gain same kilos?

Author: Donald from London

I wouldn't recommend consuming alcohol when taking any weight loss pills due to increased risk of liver damage. As for your second question, no you won't gain weight. Assuming you continue a healthy diet and exercise enough, that is.

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Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

I started at 210 and I am down t 179! I am so happy and I hope it keeps helping. My goal weight is 155!

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Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

I am indifferent. I seen some change but not enough to keep taking it.

Author: Ralph from Meratol Forum

How long have you been taking these? I'd recommend 6-8 weeks before giving up. Please make sure you eat well and work out, too!

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Author: Captain from England

Just great! I lost over a stone in just under a month and I'm very happy now about how I look.

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Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

Good product for its money and it does work well compared to others I've tried. Recommend!

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Author: Gareth MC from Spain

One of the products which I've had problems with. I had a few side effects and it was quite costly, however, I did lose a bit of weight so I'm neutral about this.

Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

What issues did you have? I have been experiencing bad migraines since taking Meratol that have not let up in 5 days. I stopped taking the supplement 2 days ago too so I am getting worried.

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Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

It's okay shall I say. Doesn't work as well as I thought but it's okay.

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Author: y from Meratol Forum

meratol is pretty good. lost 4 kg. i hope it's permanent.

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Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

In just 2 weeks I lost 7 lbs. Meratol is a good weight loss product!

Author: Dean from Meratol Forum

So 3.5 pounds a week? that seems high but I am all for losing that much in a week haha!

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Author: Alex J. from MI

I have now lost 2 stone

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Author: BB from Ohio

I would recommend the Meratol to anyone who is serious about his or her weight loss

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Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

nothing happened

Author: Sara from Jersey

Did you give it 2 months? I took it for 6 weeks before I started seeing results.

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Author: BILL from NY


Author: Rebecca from Miami

Assuming you don't eat junk food all the time and work out, you'll see results pretty fast! I've lost 20 pounds in 2 months, very happy with it.

Author: Daniel Peterson from Meratol Forum

I was able to lose about 15lbs in just 3 weeks. Since then, I have lost an average of 1.5lbs per week.

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Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

waste of money

Author: Anonymous from Meratol Forum

I wouldn't say a waste I did get an energy boost and my water weight went down but I don't think I will continue taking it.

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Author: Mike from Meratol Forum

I've seen no changes after ten days. Should I continue taking Meratol?

Author: Anonymous from Italy

Hi Mike. It took me nearly 3 weeks to notice any changes but once I started losing weight with Meratol, it was steady.

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