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Author: Akshay from UAE

My stomach gets irritated when i take ketoactives. I am concerned if it will damage my internal organs like my liver and kidney and there is not much information about the product online. Guys please do help me with my concern.

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Author: Anonymous from Sam W

I gave it 3 months to work and have not noticed any changes. My scale shows I am down 5 pounds but my weight always fluctuated a good 7 pounds that that doesn't mean I lost anything.

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Author: Richard from New York

I started following the keto diet and I noticed I must stick to less than 20gr of carbs per day to ensure I stay in ketosis.

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Author: Paul Jones from Washington DC

I started the keto diet earlier this year and lost nearly 40 pounds. It has since stopped so I wanted to try a supplement to help boost the weight loss again and I found Keto Actives to be okay. I have lost another 7 pounds but nothing since.

Author: Jack from Uk

Did you experience any side effect ?

Author: Anonymous from Netherland

Why take keto actives when there is phenq? I lost 15 kg with phenq.

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Author: Anna Zajdel from Warshaw

I only started a week ago and have not noticed losing weight but it does help prevent hunger attacks. I think I eat less now, this should cause weight loss soon!

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Author: Nita Harris from London / UK

The thing I like most about Keto Actives is it's 3x more efficient than any other pills I've used. These are really easy to swallow and some of the other drugs I still have a lot of issues with it.

Author: Gwen P. from Keto Actives forum

Do you have to be a on the keto diet for this supplement to be effective? A friend of mine gave me a bottle and I want to try it but I am not going on the keto diet, I am a vegetarian.

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Author: Anonymous from Keto Actives forum

I like keto active ingredients. I've been skeptical about trying a keto pill, as I never had one before. Yet after tasting they've got no wrong. They're just easy to digest.

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Author: Juliana from NY

I did a keto for a couple of months. It's fantastic and I thought it would make even better with those pills. Yet, after several weeks of using Keto Actives, they do not seem to be doing anything.

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Author: Ivan K. from Russia

Absolutely love these keto pills. At first I was kind of anxious and suspicious. I gave Keto Actives a try now, a little over a week. I can now tell a big difference in my energy levels and it is continuing to improve.

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Author: Anonymous from Keto Actives forum

For about a month now, I have been doing a ketodiet and moderate fasting (16-8 hours) and began using ketoactives 2 weeks ago along with a few indoor workouts. The pills are great to support weight loss but the diet is perhaps the most crucial part.

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Author: MMM from US

They do seem to work even better when coupled with other medications. Overall, I am extremely pleased with these Keto Actives!

Author: Donald M. from USA

What other medications/supplements are you using with it? I read that some people just drink green tea while taking this and the fat melts off.

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Author: Anonymous from Keto Actives forum

It was later in the day that I first got the tablets. But I tried keto-actives anyway. It had become harder to fall asleep that night.e However, I began to use them early in the morning each day and things changed.

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Author: Mercedes Gray from Keto Actives forum

How long would it take after you have started Keto Actives to see success?

Author: Kimberly from Auckland NZ

It has been five weeks after I began taking the KetoActives. It has curbed my hunger and I feel eating much less now.

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Author: Anonymous from Keto Actives forum

I've tried three different keto brands like Keto Actives, none of which seems to go anywhere.

Author: Mr. A from Georgia

How long have you been taking Keto Actives? Are you on a strict Keto diet? What about fasting? A lot of these factor into the effectiveness of these supplements. I found that it didn't work for me until I took my diet more seriously and started fasting 16 hours a day.

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Author: Lolita R. from Portland

Along with the Apple Cider Vinegar I tried the Keto Actives. In 2-3 weeks, I lost 12 pounds. I have been able to maintain the weight for a few weeks now.

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Author: Nathanael Valdez from Keto Actives forum

The only reason I gave them a 3 star rating is because I have a hard time swallowing pills in the first place.

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Author: Cristopher from Montreal

Is this really working? I work out frequently but I need more weight loss, please help.

Author: Anonymous from Saudi Arabia

These really do work! I'm getting slimmer, trimmer and I'm having strong muscles with a little workout too! Imagine how shocked I was. aI do take the keto-actives with apple cider vinegar tablets, and it functions even better, but test it first for yourself.

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Author: Lorenzo Cruz from El Paso (Texas)

The Keto Actives capsules are excellent if you follow a keto diet. They'll help you get the ketosis a little quicker. My food cravings have gone away.

Author: Anonymous from Keto Actives forum

This is what I was wondering about. I wasn't sure if you had to be on the keto diet for the pills to work. Thanks for sharing on that. I will have to find another product.

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