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Author: herbertcalder from US

Organic Green coffee beans are high in antioxidants that can reduce the harmful effects of radicals in our body. It contains chlorogenic acid that can increase the metabolic rate and ensure faster weight reduction. I bought it and have seen much improvement.

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Author: William Taylor from US

Green coffee bean supplement contains higher amount of chemical chlorogenic acid that is powerful for health. For weight loss, high blood pressure is very effective. It handles the blood sugar level and metabolism. From the last few years, I was facing high weight problem and I tried a number of supplements but did not have any improvement until I bought a green coffee supplement!

Author: Sura from Facebook

I totally agree with you. If you need more information about green coffee please visit their official website, you can find a link right on this forum

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Author: Anonymous from sambalpur

result is very good

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Author: THANK GOD from Nigeria

Please were can i get this green coffee here in Nigeria

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Author: Butterfly from Missouri

Plan to use green coffee bean supplement. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Author: Jason from US

I started taking these mainly for the energy. I needed something to make it through my gym routines after working. I lost weight, toned up, and have energy to spare.

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Author: Kyle from J Shore

I didn't hate it but I didn't like it. I lost about 5 pounds. I had more energy which I liked but I couldn't sleep at night, which I hated.

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Author: Patrick B. from UK

I liked it. I lost some weight and I feel more energetic. I do get some mild jitters if I don't eat with it.

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Author: Breen Coffee Bean from Tucson

It's coffee, it's green, it's natural! It's a good product, that delivers results.

Author: Mandy James from SA

How much caffeine would you say is in it? I don't want to take in too much, it is not good for the heart.

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Author: Munchkin from Green Coffee forum

This is a natural product, does not contain unhealthy ingredients as many other weight loss products and the results are showing already!

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Author: Moe. from .

This is a pretty great product. I certainly recommend it, I have seen significant changes in my body weight, even if not as fast as I expected.

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Author: Johan from Santa Cruz

I didn't notice too much of a difference honestly. I need my beach body and this didn't do it for me.

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Author: Anonymous from Greely

I did not experience any of the side effects people are talking about. It's green!! That + weight loss is perfect for me.

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Author: Anonymous from Norway

Have you tried the green coffee bean to lose weight?

Author: Jona from Green Coffee forum

Hi, Yes i have tried Green Coffee Bean to lose my pregnancy weight and lost about 21lbs in 3 weeks which is not bad at all :)

Author: Anonymous from Green Coffee forum

Its worth it for you i would totally recommend it :)

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Author: CuteLindsey from Atlantic City

Is it safe to take green coffee beans while on birth control pills?

Author: Becky from NC

You may throw them off as caffeine interferes with hormones. Do you drink tea/coffee daily? If not, I would not risk it.

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Author: Anonymous from Green Coffee forum

it should not make you jittery since green coffee features just the active substance, chlorogenic acid. very little caffeine is present

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Author: J-Day from Green Coffee forum

I want to lose weight naturally. I've taken care of diet and exercise but I'm looking for some supplemental support. Does green coffee bean make you jittery? and what's the difference between this and regular coffee?

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Author: Anonymous from Green Coffee forum

yes it works, greencoffee is a nice weight loss product!

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Author: amanda from il

choose healthy diet, not green red or blue coffee!

Author: LoveCoffee from Green Coffee forum

As much as I agree with you (I too believe that weight loss is more effective through exercise and diet), green coffee beans are nothing more than a natural supplement :)

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Author: Anonymous from PA

As with any weight loss supplements, you should combine taking green coffee bean extract with regular exercise and a healthy diet for best results.

Author: P. G. from Europe

It's what I have been doing for the past few months and it's working. Not sure if the green coffee makes all the difference, but overall I do feel the change!

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Author: Robert from Green Coffee forum

How effective is green coffee bean extract?

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Author: Micheal Wiggins from Hattiesburg

It's a scam, do not buy green coffee.

Author: Dan Welsh from Canada

What is the scam? I tried these pills and they worked fine for me! I even began growing back my hair!

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Author: Anonymous from Green Coffee forum

Is there a green coffee supplement that actually gives best weight loss results?

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Author: Mila from Ontario

Green Coffee Beans are powerful,safe and all-natural antioxidants. But do they actually help lose weight?

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