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Author: Lee from Coconut Oil forum

Meh. For the price you can buy natural and organic coconut oil that would do the same thing. I recommend doing that first to see if it works. Then trying this. Coconut oil does nothing for me.

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Author: Carla from Italy

I have purchased weight loss products online before that didn’t work. These Coconut Oil pills seem to be better, they give me more energy to exercise but for now I lost only 3 kg.

Author: Becky from Mississippi

How long did it take to see results? I am trying to lose some weight this summer so I can be ready for my wedding in the fall and I would prefer a more natural approach. Someone recommended coconut oil.

Author: Diane Rouge from United Kingdom

Hi Becky, I used it as well and it took only a matter of a few weeks to notice weight loss. I felt more energetic and I was eating less. I felt like my digestive in general improved and that is what lead to the weight loss. In total, I have lost 2 stone (about 28 pounds).

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Author: Sarah Davis from Columbus, Ohio

I liked this coconut oil in the beginning. It made my skin so beautiful! My hair even felt healthier. The downside is that while I did lose about 13 pounds, I had continued to take it with no results past that. I lost those 13 pounds in the first 8 weeks and nothing since. I am still happy with my hair and skin being healthier!

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Author: Kyle from Canada

Is this product available in Canada? I am trying to find a natural weight loss aid and this one was highly recommended by a blogger I follow. Said it works for men and women.

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Author: Lisa Baker from CA

I gave it till the end of the first bottle. I did see some weight loss, not much. I did however get a bad reaction. I started getting acne!! This is the first time in my life I had ever had it. I freaked out. My doctor told me it is likely a reaction to the coconut oil pushing out toxins. No thanks! I gave my second bottle to my brother.

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Author: Jack M. from Florida, US

Not bad but not great either. I had some very bad gas happening followed by diarrhea. When I asked the company they said some people are just more sensitive to coconut. I then tried straight coconut oil at a friends and the same thing happened so coconut is not for me I guess.

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Author: Dave from PA

My wife and I started taking this coconut oil and as compared to other brands, we noticed changes right away. We both had softer skin, we went to the bathroom more regularly, I felt more energetic and my wife lost some weight! Over all pretty happy.

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Author: Kelly Mitchell from Coconut Oil forum

Can this product help for weight loss after having given birth? I am trying to find a natural means to lost weight so I can continue to breastfeed without worry. Anyone know?

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Author: Pat from Texas

I have used several different types of coconut oil out there and I prefer this one over most. The only one I do like more is nearly double the cost and non-gmo certified organic.

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