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Acai Berry scores 1.8 out of 5, based on 96 reviews in this Acai Berry forum.

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Author: Anonymous from Anywhere

It makes my sinuses drain. It makes me cough and choke because of the sinus drainage. Took one a day for about a week, and it kept getting worse. I can't take acai.

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Author: Tim from Southern Hemisphere

Yea, I have found Acai to be good for weight loss.

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Author: Anonymous from Sydney

Acai berries are awesome.

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Author: Amdrew from Sydney

Acai berries are awesome. I recommend you buy them today.

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Author: The Acai Berry User from Canada

Acai Berry is an awesome fruit for health. It has many health benefits like weight loss, healthy diet n more.

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Author: jacky from California

Hi, I tried this product for a large period of time and it really helped me lose weight and stay in great shape! it gave me a lot of energy and boost.

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Author: Lizzy McGuire from US

I think Acai berry is a real super food. It not only help us in weight loss but it also an antioxidant and flush toxins too from our body. Its really a great product.

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Author: Anonymous from California

Did as much research as I could but it appeard that little was known about Acai & it was just trial & error. All it did was give me a slight increase in energy but I had terrible sweats! aside for the verry slight energy I had Ive seen no other progress. Waste of time & money. More studies should be done. I suspect all the positive feedback are from vendors trying to push their product

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Author: dianas from texas

Acai berry is considered a best weight loss supplement.

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Author: Anonymous from New Zealand

It didn't curb my appetite, but I did find I had a little more energy but a drink of powerade would have done just the same. Don't waste your money.

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Author: Oana from Acai Berry Forum

Acai Berry comes from Brazil and it combats free radicals.

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Author: nutcracker8787 from Acai Berry Forum

Please, I need some advice. Tell me if the Acai Berry diet really works and if the pills worth the money.Thanks

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Author: Acai Berry from Romania

I tried acai berry and i can feel the benefits! It`s great. I`m just feeling fantastic!

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Author: Kundan kumar from NY

Acai Berry is not a scam. But u need to choose best company and product.

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Author: Anonymous from annoymous

i have been taking acai for the last 4 months and have lost nothing. very very disappointing

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Author: 6footsharon from uk

have been using acai berry and colon cleanse for a while now and can honestly say it doesn't work - i have no more energy than i had before, i still have hunger pangs and my poos haven't went all funny shaped.

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Author: Acai Berry from Acai Berry Forum

Or if you want to be sure, take a look at other weight loss pills. Proactol is worth a try.

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Author: Acai Berry from Acai Berry Forum

Acai Berry is not a scam but you should find a good company selling Acai Berry without all these tricks like "free samples".

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Author: Anonymous from denmark

Hey, i've just orderet the ''free sample'' I would really like to cancel it since ive seen this threat. didnt see it before i ordered the berries, so if u can please tell me how to cancel as fast as possible..

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Author: tyriantan from USA

I hear a lot of negative talk about Acai and if you can really lose weight on it.

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Author: Anonymous from Acai Berry Forum

Acai Berry is a scam, you'd better try Proactol or Hoodia, they work trust me!

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Author: tonyalife from Houston

I did not loose anything. I tried several different brands and still didn't lose anything. NOTHING!! What is all the hype about???

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Author: Helen from Acai Berry Forum

Watch out! This company is a scam! First of all the product DOES NOT work. As we all know all too well that the only way to lose weight is portion control and alot of exercise. This company will charge you 88.62 when you receive your"free" sample! They also will continue to send you bottles of Acai at the mear price of 94.00. Try to cancel,they'll only give you 70% back unless you fight them.

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Author: Angie from Lewiston, ID

Beware of the companies selling this product. The scam is to not let you cancel after you get the "sample". I have been charged $79.95 for a second bottle which I never received (I had cancelled my order), but they refuse to refund my money. This is highly illegal. I will take action against Acai Berry MAXX. WATCH OUT!!

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Author: sandra beckman from michigan

i do not like it as a weight loss, as the doctor below said, but it does have some healthy benefits. i give it 3 stars

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Author: Dr. James Cone from Acai Berry Forum

As a doctor I would not recommend this product. There is no magic, you will not lose weight if you just eat berries. I'd recommend proactol + diet + exercise program.

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